Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is SEO? SEO as a Career, What to Learn, How to Learn?

What Is SEO?                                                      

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Most people in the word of google search to find the necessary information. Google and it's search result page display the result of many sites. What is the name of a website may display the number on the page. It is the first showing of the reasons  it is SEO. Search the website first  to demonstrate the process isn't followed, it is SEO. When first checking your website to increase website visits. The visitors increased the increase is money. For example, graphics of course you do, this looking for a training center. If you write in google, graphics training in Bangladesh. So search us first see the name of the Institute of IT Training Center for Creative. It many be entered in the official website, then here is like getting information from here and are admitted to the course. Virtue is the SEO.

What Is Search Engine?                                   

We need to find out any information about the search offer. There are any information on the matter in the whole world, all of us came to the forefront. The source also learn about search engine (search engine) says. Some famous names are: search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing  etc.

This is the site you are entering a keyword in the search box and click the search button, a few seconds many websites link to the moves, which link the desired results.

How to search engines work:                              

Search engines have been made, the data for thuje. That is why when you search for something, so that the best information is found in the likes of the Programe of the sites. Compare all the sites of some of the best sites in the search comes to front. The best site to choose whether they see the quality of the website, the website for all the information, how popular website. It is shows some of the results.

Why is it so important in search engine marketing:         

The company created a website for the promotion of the product. How many people will visit your website, many people about your product or service to the idea. The main source of a wave on the search engine visitor. 80% of web site traffic comes through search engines. In the future it will be more. The search engine is very important for several reasons.

A) Most of the visitors to any website come from search engines. Is about a billion billion searches per month. A survey in the United States are 10 billion searches per month at least. (Sue: com score.2008)

C) Many people do not know where to get the information they need as they search for  engine the type of search. When they come to the site in the list.

D) any information that something is free, so everyone uses it.

E) a repository of all information through a search engine. That day, the dependence on it is increasing day by day.

F) to find the information with the help of all sarcainjinera, so the company for the promotion of their products in the traditional method with the search engines want to keep their company websites.

 Career as an SEO:                                               

 Outsourcing SEO to those of most of their income through income. Because the less skilled manpower. General ideas about whose computers have generally, in English, fairly adept, to visit the website, they will feel more comfortable in the knowledge of SEO can be very easy. Therefore, this work does not need to know any programming languages that work can be started easily and quickly learned that millions of people around the world are engaged in this task.

1) different market (, etc.) visits can be seen, the more SEO work.

Ii) own a blog on SEO, Google initially create website it would bring increased traffic, then the AdSense or similar service, the better you can earn more advertising. This approach usually $ 100 to $ 1,000 a month can earn.

3) Affiliation marketing income is the main condition for the huge amounts of targeted traffic to your website. SEO is to bring more visitors to be done. Outsourcing this task is usually 300 to 2000 dollars per month income.

4) to your website through SEO and Google at first would bring plenty of visitors to your website, advertising the various local companies using website $5000-$30000  per month you can earn. Tectonic do not use any type such as AdSense. Here are the local advertising revenue.

5) The more important aspect of SEO flame, SEO course but do not earn a lot of sectors. For example, forum posting, blog commenting, or, or, or social media marketing is to earn or whole SEO.

6) 3 hours per day with the SEO. That is why, as well as other employment income, it is possible to learn.

How to learn SEO :                                          

 If your English skills to read and understand labels like fairly good value if you use Google a lot  can learn a lot from some of the blogs. The net speed is good, you can search videos from YouTube. There are plenty of Bengal SEO guidelines.

 What will you learn?                                           

 SEO is of two types. Off-Page SEO and Off-page SEO. All the things you need to know very well the two. SEO will learn that before starting work, are as follows: Keyword research, the use of HTML tags, content optimization, forum posting, blog commenting, social media marketing, directory submission, blogging and much more.

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