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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -04] :: Keyword Research-o3

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 Google adword Tutoril very helpful for research in which we can find plenty of data. This tool, however, that gives us a lot of unnecessary keyword and which may not have direct contact with any of our sites.
Excel sheet open and ask yourself at this keyword appropriate for the site or at one of the keyword into the search engine at this site and you will find me Ouch. Through my site and search engine finds one, then I do or do not pay their required information or service. Then, find the whole phrase, the word that is not related to your website and delete them. 
Here we're using it as an example of the site and with the kindle, Ebook reader, book reviews, etc. related terms are not related, but it kindled by the end, so we'll skip it. 

Thus, the elimination of all irrelevant word Excel sheet at the end of the day and save. Now our work, we save at the sheet and hence, some are stopped, open and highly related keyword select the phrase that can be shared in different category. Suppose now that we 'electronic book reader' phrase, which I am the subject matter of our website with the highly related. 
Now we have shown in previous seasons, according to the keyword copy of google adword tool we have at electronic book reader phrase related to the search for and the amount of the other phrase out and then the rules will excel sheet save the opt-out and unnecessary keyword. Part 3 if you do not mind.
Then we put it in the form of an excel sheet to work on these files will have many benefits. General Keywords in the first file and the second file is saved in a sheet called electronic book reader on a sheet save. 
In this way, a few more category (highly related) by selecting, google adword tool to your site through to the related keyword in excel sheet and save the form. 
To open the last file saved us, where we have a keyword and monthly search volume. Now our job, to find different keyword's competitiveness. Here we can say that competitiveness money, it means a keyword optimize is easy or difficult. I can tell you in more detail, the number of pages on the web for the keyword at the contest. So to be more competitive, it will be too hard to optimize keyword pm. So, we will have to select a keyword, that keyword's less competitive, but the search over.

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