Saturday, June 13, 2015

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -03] :: (Keyword Research 2)

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This is the last episode of the show began, according to the keyword research. I am here as an example, use the images, it's called a Seo Trainer Jill Whalen has been taken from the keyword research. He has lynda's video tutorial.

First, a word file, write it on your website that service users and then type in your website's Goal. Write more, Brainstorming of the phrase that got them through. For example, the image, text stands as.

Then you'll know what we'll do with the main aim of the website is the product review of the Amazon Kindle, the various information about them and to dissolve the sale of this product through amazon's affiliation program.
We have shown in the picture and enter the url entered in the google adwords tool. Notice the red marked parts. Click on the radio button on the left side of the website content, we can not give our website at the link on the right hand mark. From here we can get ideas about different keyword phrase.

Since we're just brainstorming with some phrase before. So we Descriptive words or phrases option select the mark at the right side of our keyword will make the paste. Use synonyms, then click on the error in the Get keyword ideas. Please scroll to the bottom of a list like you see below. Please select the Exact Match and Broad Match. We see the result for the specific phrase.

Choose columns to display like the one shown below: Hide Advertiser competition and to hide local search volume, click. At the bottom of the screen you will see us. I will hide here because we like these two do keyword research.

If the will to hide.
Now scroll down and click on the csv for excel. This excel file to save the form. Through this file later, you can do very easily.

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