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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -05] :: Keyword Research-4 Google with data from the Manually

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We kindle reviews phrase from excel sheet to access Google search I am. See Google got the right result, some of the show. But the fact that Google is the only kindle a result of the result of the show, the only result of reviews, and the combined results of two phrase there. From which it can be said, the pages may not optimize for kindle review phrase am.

Now we have "kindle review" phrase in the search it'll quote. See the results of a lot of dropped, 70300 showing here. That is, we might say, kindle review exact phrase at 70300 sites are being used somewhere else. From here it can be said, these pages may not be All page kindle review phrase to optimize for.

So we'll use Google's advance search term.

Enter now Google: allintitle: "kindle reviews"
If you look at the 6060 results show that these websites are in the Title tag is the word kindle reviews. Kindle reviews in the title tag is the word, so we can optimize the conditions of the sites have this phrase. Since this phrase is highly relevant at our site and we can use it. Now we have to do more of some things.

Kindle reviews phrase at the side of the Google search, and the results of the first See which is very famous and have a long time on the web, which will be very difficult to compete with.

See the link to access this site and there is no word directly kindle reviews, it means that there are probably a lot of Backlink with kindle reviews phrase am. Back link not understand the problem, the next one will discuss it all. We can take at this phrase.

Now there is the big sites like Google search and see pc world. It is tough to be so much competition. If you wish, you can visit sites on Google's first page of the site and how they kindle reviews phrase to optimize for. Thus, to each other and the same procedure follow a few keyword to find out the number of competitors.

Then open the excel sheet at the Global monthly searches and searches by the column's heading change and a new column called her the next Allintitle. Now kindle reviews phrase straight at home Allintitle column, enter 6060. Likewise for other allintitle number of keyword focused, you know it's time-consuming, so the thinking is highly related keyword to the Allintitle out for them. Thus, you can competitiveness measure of desired keyword for your site. We hope that you will help in the better Rank.

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