Saturday, June 13, 2015

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -06] :: Keyword Research-5 Data Excel to obtain the Analysis and decision

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Now we'll open the file previously created in Excel. Where keywords, searches and allintitle there. Now we will see that the keyword competitiveness measure, any keyword in the high number of searches and the low number of competitor (pages) are. Since we can find it at our desired keyword.
Now, look at the example image, then you will see that here 'electronic book reading device' keyword search competitor number 880 and just 147 pages, so you can compete here, because the bad guys search at 880.

Then 'electronic books device' relatively more good reason to look at the keyword search at 480. In contrast, only 6 pm allintitle. To get the necessary keywords and excel cell of the color green, or another color of your choice can make. Thus, gradually to other keywords and highlight the green color.

Please note that these sheets are some keyword searches allintitle low and many more. We are keyword must be omitted. We will make these types of keywords in the red color. For example, see 'electronic books online' keyword search just 480 12300 competing against him. This keyword will compete for the absurd. When such an event occurs, usually Without Keyword Research Keyword optimize started. This is why keyword research is very important, otherwise it will be a waste of your time and effort both. So keyword research for the problem, but, a little time out and do it correctly. So, ultimately will be yours.
When the keywords are highlighted, then we will have to sort Excel sheet of kalamata allintitle smallest to largest in this order-. It will help us a lot to understand.

Here are some things to consider, for example, if your site is a new kind of strategy is the site of the old then they must be some kind of a strategy follow. So you can see the graph below.

Generally it is thought that, allintitle 1000 is below the Non-competitive, 1000-3000, until fairly competitive, 3000-5000 on top of the competitive and highly competitive. So if your site is very popular and aged rnidbidhaya competitive or highly competitive keywords, you can pick, but if your site is brand new, then of course you should choose non-competitive keyword. Meets the targets are fairly comopetitive keyword to target.

If the keyword research you can pick the right keyword and keyword that you can optimize correctly, then gradually you will be able to see the results. Like to conclude today. 
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