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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -01] :: What Is SEO? Why are you using?

Welcome everyone to my first series of writings about SEO. May saw the title of some note, A to Y is the money? A to Z it should be. In fact, the contents of SEO is so huge that it is not possible for anyone to acquire full knowledge and is constantly changing the rules of SEO. So it is up to A to Y.
There are a lot of SEO up on, but most of them in other Languse because many problems are properly understood. There are posts about SEO English, its often all of the Entry Level. Entry level Advance level from you, so I'll try to give ideas about SEO, although the Basic rules are the same. So very important to know the Fundamental rules for SEO. So I know there are many such SEO expert. So if my writing shortcoming is no mistake, however, told me that no one in the post, I will be very happy. SEO Knowledge share on a subject that is through a proper learning can be. And if my writing is to understand the meaning of a word, you can Google or You can let me know. Many of us tried to get the context.

Search engine optimization (seo) what and why are you using?

There are two types of search result.

1. Organic

We are here to talk about organic search result. Free and paid search result because it costs money to do this is simply to Ad.

 First, we should know how to search?                                       

 We are here to talk about organic search result. Free and paid search result because it costs money to do this is simply to Ad.
The search engine works with two component:

(1)Crawler - Information Collect it from the website of the (spider, robot / bot via) Here Search Engine or SE, who mainly follow any link, and then collect the information and store that information in their database. 
(2)Algorithm - Here is the analysis of information obtained by the search engine, according to a different page of the content's relevancy and quality of ranking. Based on a factor of SE's Algorithm.

What Is SEO?                                                                   

SEO - search engine optimization. If the definition of Enhlish, SEO are some rules / technique by which different types of a website in search engines (google, msn, yahoo etc) than the visitor / traffic can get. In fact, SEO search engine's first page of the website that would bring the visitor the possibility of greatly increased.

More simple way to say: if we want to download a song, then we generally think that the work we are in the google search write the lyrics that line. Notice now the google search button press shows the names of some of the website where we can find the song. Thus, on page 10 website name on google shows. Now can anyone tell me why you came on the first page of the site, and why was the rest of the websites on the back - google or of what is like to have another reason? Indeed, there is something special in First page sites, of which there is no other strangulate. This is nothing special for the SEO techniques, which you can take your website on the first page. More visitors means more than the first page.

Those who are new to SEO they can Google Webmaster Guideline follow. Basic rules follow you if you do not have to worry so much about SEO. We make a website for visitors, so if they want to know if it can be presented to them in the right way, then you could be 50-60% SEO.

Why does a visitor to search: they are looking for answers to any questions, or they're looking to solve a problem or they want to meet their needs. If you answer their questions through your site, you can give them the information they need to solve the problem or if there is no worry.

SEO is usually divided into two parts:

   1. On Page SEO and

   2. Off page SEO.

 SEO Uses                                                               

Suppose you have a Baseball on the site, which is currently # 10 in the US. If you want the search engine "Baseball Cards" # 1 position, it will then search down - if you do it you will have to SEOof the site. SEO is a popular search term or keyword is used. Now if you want to take towards the top SEO your Brand name and cried, then it can not be said exactly SEO. The search engine and smart enough to SEO your company name and keyword can very easily distinguished. The main thing is, the competition for that keyword, that keyword will rank in the solid.

Before you can start planning for this being the best SEO. For example, you open a new site that is already in the tens of millions of competing sites and another one in 1000 at the site may have made in that regard, now tell me where you are not in pursuit of the inside of one million would be easy?

For this reason, the site of the right SEO planning is very important to choose the right keyword. keyword selection is not right if you do not get your desired results. Search engine hurry to find something, because when people use a search term. So if you do not know what people are looking for, then you need to fill them.

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