Saturday, June 13, 2015

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -07] :: Site Architecture

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Constructions sites or site architecture:                                    

Keyword research can be done when, then your website will be your main job will be to determine the mechanism or how site architecture. It is very important. The search engine determines the architecture of your website, which is important and what is not at Page

For example, our Home or Front page contains links to several pages. When search engines see that almost all of the pages have links to this page, the Search Engine (SEO) that surely page important.

Internal or Inbound linking:                        

Internal link to one page with more page own website or Inbound linking is called. Internal linking site structure and very important for SEO.

For example, your site to another page refer to pages 10, and the other a page refer to pages 3 pm It was then that the SE has been, at more than 10 pages of inbound link Important. Product page Website important for us to use Example values can highlight the internal linking.

Page Depth:                       
Again, the same as that page more deeply or more to enter the page to click the page the less important.

Making Quality link:                                   
For this reason, websites Top Navigation, SideBar and Footer links to important sites, because these areas do you use that link, that can be accessed with one click link.

Generally, a lot of changes to the content of the website pages, but this place is the same, so this is very important venues Category
and Topic should be following.

Use the Anchor text. From the research we've found that keyword. Anchor text Google search can find out about.

Linkage gives more importance to the SE is the top of Page. For example, in your Top navigation links Footer links more important.

Link To create a note, you're going to create the Link on this page is relevant to whether, if it is not linked to the relevant pages, and if you do not give penalty to SEO.

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