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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial There's A to Y [Episode -02] :: (Keyword Research 1)

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Why keyword research?                  

 1. Keyword hurry to find a solution for the people using them II.
2. SE will always show the best result.
3. Is searching for any kind of keyword you should know. 
4. The main reason is that, keyword research tools that can help you make sense of it, to find what is on the web and find what is going on There are many types of keyword research tools. The word-tracker, keyword discovery, google Adwords etc one. 

 Most people use google adwords - It is much faster and can be used free of charge.

Rules of Keyword Research:                          

In fact it does not have any rule, a paid tool are available on the market, which is very easy with the keyword select is the right way. However, since we do not use these paid tools, keyword research, so we should know the basic procedure.

7 things you should consider when Keyword Research:                                                  

 1. Brainstorming (no concern):
Who is my Target Market and the subject of the keyword to think about and that, I do not locally within the country, or around the world want to compete with. What is my target market's gender, age Income of the country, there is no link, if any, it may have an impact on my desired keyword. For example, if you have a Furniture's shop, then your keyword might be the only one in the district, "Khulna Furniture" an institution like the Otobi you if you need to worry about the context.
 For proper keyword selection that you can do more, it is your target customer, sales people, friend and relatives of those who ask if they can search for any word on the subject was to noon. Perhaps you're thinking that technical terms, it could not meet with them. You have a variety of related topics Online forum / blogs visit can do. If you visit the website of your Competitors take ideas from what he's doing, which is kind of like using keyword. Then you write a paper on the idea.

2. keyword is divided into the different subjectively:
According to your product or service to create more than one keyword set. At the time of this step may not be possible in the right way, because unless you're doing keyword research, then you will not be able to find out, what kind of people are using search term. So a lot of time before this step is research. When the facility.

3. Do the Keyword Research:
For keyword research keyword research tools you can use. Choose a seed phrase in any category. Or if you have a website, then google keyword research tool you can directly enter in your desired url.

4. to compile the collection Now: 
Keyword research tools to the Export spreadsheet. Re-categorize you need it, then you can implement keyword.

5.Do the remove:
spreadsheet is open, you can skip any non-relevant phrases. Remove the keyword of the search count low. In this case, of course, be careful. Ask your client if necessary.

6. Determine Competitiveness:
 Here you have to decide, do you want to compete on a more or less. Phrase each have a different competitiveness. Now, if you are running behind all of that phrase, you go back to your target achieve will become more difficult. So just to be a keyword, which can be found from the visitors, the contest will be low.

Competitiveness can be divided into 3 parts imported under the phrase:
1. highly competitive
2. fairly competitive
3. non-competitive

7. To correct keyword select:
Once these steps are done, you can easily pick your keyword. while keyword select the following points Put on target:
1. number of searches
2. relevancy to your web site (if relevant to the websites) 
3. competitiveness level

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